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News Archive

Cooperative for Education Newsletters & Updates

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How much did you raise for Guatemala through Fall Fiesta? CoEd E-Newsletter 2015-11-23
New Partnership Makes the Most of the First 1,000 Days of Life CoEd E-Newsletter 2015-10-22
On the Breaking News in Guatemala CoEd Announcement 2015-09-03
Huffington Post publishes the Best Ways to Experience Guatemala...and includes us! CoEd E-Newsletter 2015-08-18
We're moving on up! Literally. CoEd E-Newsletter 2015-07-23
Major changes are coming to Fall Fiesta CoEd E-Newsletter 2015-06-17
We're celebrating YOU this month! CoEd E-Newsletter 2015-05-20
Hop back in time with us CoEd E-Newsletter 2015-04-17
Meet the students you help in Guatemala CoEd E-Newsletter 2015-03-25
How many lives are you changing in 2015? CoEd E-Newsletter 2015-02-23
Triple your donation—today only CoEd Announcement 2014-11-25
We finally figured out the secret to immortality CoEd E-Newsletter 2014-11-20
Fall Fiesta Raised How Much?? CoEd E-Newsletter 2014-10-25
7 Must-See Places in Guatemala that You Didn't Know Existed CoEd E-Newsletter 2014-09-20
You could win Fall Fiesta's luxury raffle this year CoEd Announcement 2014-08-27
Change a life in 30 seconds. (Really.) CoEd E-Newsletter 2014-08-13
5 ways CoEd is different from other charities CoEd E-Newsletter 2014-07-17
Can you join us at Fall Fiesta this year? CoEd E-Newsletter 2014-06-17
The surprising ripple effects of your generosity CoEd E-Newsletter 2014-05-29
Check it off your list - We've got Mother's Day covered CoEd Announcement 2014-05-02
Why we think you're a hero... CoEd E-Newsletter 2014-04-29
Why is Walfre doing the happy dance? CoEd E-Newsletter 2014-03-26
We blame you for what happened at Las Camelias. CoEd E-Newsletter 2014-02-17
Don't fall off the resolution bandwagon. We can help. CoEd E-Newsletter 2014-01-20
Guess Who's Working for CoEd... CoEd E-Newsletter 2013-07-17
Big News: Announcement from CoEd CoEd E-Newsletter 2013-05-22
A Special Message from Joe and Jeff Berninger CoEd E-Newsletter 2013-04-18
Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Rony on Over CoEd E-Newsletter 2013-03-22
5 Reasons to Help Plan Fall Fiesta CoEd E-Newsletter 2013-02-20
Cooler than a bag of blue M&Ms? CoEd E-Newsletter 2013-01-16
Hear from Guatemala How Your Donation Makes an Impact CoEd Announcement 2012-12-30
What to do when the world doesn't end... CoEd Announcement 2012-12-21
Most unique wedding registry award goes to... CoEd E-Newsletter 2012-11-15
What record did CoEd's Fall Fiesta break this year? CoEd E-Newsletter 2012-10-22
Find out who's been collecting wine for CoEd... and why CoEd E-Newsletter 2012-08-18
CoEd wins again... Find out how! CoEd E-Newsletter 2012-07-21
How Many Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon are we? CoEd E-Newsletter 2012-06-28
See where we've moved... and where we're going in the next 5 years! CoEd E-Newsletter 2012-05-19
Find Out How CoEd is Teaming Up with the Guatemalan Ministry of Education CoEd E-Newsletter 2012-04-21
CoEd Seeking Media Fellows for Guatemala Tours CoEd E-Newsletter 2012-03-24
Meet Rony Gonzalez: Just one of the lives YOU helped change in 2011! CoEd E-Newsletter 2012-02-18
YOU are opening doors for kids in Guatemala - see how Maria is walking through them! CoEd E-Newsletter 2012-01-24
Happy Holidays from CoEd! CoEd E-Newsletter 2011-12-19
Give an Unforgettable Gift This Year! CoEd Announcement 2011-11-22
CoEd Computer Teacher Receives International Recognition CoEd E-Newsletter 2011-11-19
Find out how much YOU helped to raise at Fall Fiesta Cincinnati! CoEd E-Newsletter 2011-10-28
Celebrating 15 Years in Guatemala! CoEd E-Newsletter 2011-09-17
Computing Success in Guatemala! CoEd E-Newsletter 2011-08-15
Learn How Bookends are Contributing to the Fight Against Poverty in Guatemala CoEd E-Newsletter 2011-07-20
More Reasons to Love CoEd CoEd E-Newsletter 2011-06-18
Find Out How the Price of a McDonald’s Meal for Three Can Change a Child’s Life in Guatemala CoEd E-Newsletter 2011-05-23
4 Things You Might Not Yet Know About CoEd CoEd E-Newsletter 2011-04-16
You're Changing Lives with CoEd - Discover Abner's Story CoEd E-Newsletter 2011-03-19
Find Out How Kids in Germany Helped CoEd! CoEd E-Newsletter 2011-02-16
CoEd Celebrates a Successful 2010! CoEd E-Newsletter 2011-01-14
CoEd's Scholarship Students Graduate High School CoEd E-Newsletter 2010-12-16
CoEd Wins 3rd Place in the Gutierrez Prize Competition! CoEd Announcement 2010-12-09
How Can Shopping on Amazon Help Kids in Guatemala this Holiday Season? CoEd E-Newsletter 2010-11-17
Guess How Much You Helped Raise at Fall Fiesta! CoEd Announcement 2010-10-21
Hot off the Press: Positive Findings about CoEd's Work in Guatemala (Ranking by the Center for Sustainable Development) CoEd Announcement 2010-10-15
Important Announcements from CoEd CoEd E-Newsletter 2010-09-17
Cooperative for Education wins $20,000 Literacy Grant from Better World Books CoEd Press Release 2010-07-01
Big Things Are Happening at CoEd! CoEd E-Newsletter 2010-06-15
Guatemala Update: Pacaya Volcano Eruption and Tropical Storm Agatha CoEd Announcement 2010-06-01
February Tours in Numbers and Pictures CoEd E-Newsletter 2010-03-15
Painting a Better Future for Guatemala CoEd E-Newsletter 2010-01-21
Rewriting the Future, a new book, highlights CoEd's
work in Guatemala. Sale proceeds benefit CoEd.
CoEd Announcement 2010-01
Fall Fiesta Success Across the Country CoEd E-Newsletter 2009-11-01
Literacy Takes Center Stage CoEd Newsletter 2009-09-01
Creating a Culture of Reading CoEd E-Newsletter 2009-07
Leaving Their Mark CoEd Newsletter 2009-04
Five Days Could Change Your Life CoEd E-Newsletter 2009-01
Focus on the Culture of Reading Program CoEd E-Newsletter 2008-11
Tour Delivers Hope CoEd Newsletter 2008-09
Increases Hit Guatemala CoEd E-Newsletter 2008-07
Textbook and Computer Deliveries CoEd Newsletter 2008-04
Kids Helping Kids CoEd Newsletter 2007-09
First Ever Snapshot Tour! CoEd Newsletter 2007-04
CoEd Then and Now CoEd Newsletter 2006-09
U.S. Teacher Learns to Appreciate Textbooks CoEd Newsletter 2006-04
Let's Get to Work! CoEd Newsletter 2005-09
Schoolchildren Reach out to Peers in Guatemala CoEd Newsletter 2005-07
Muchas Gracias! CoEd Newsletter 2005-04
Computer Center Success CoEd Newsletter 2005-01
Rotary Recap CoEd Newsletter 2004-09
Changing Lives One Equation at a Time CoEd Newsletter 2004-07
Mission Accomplished CoEd Newsletter 2004-04
Scholarship Students CoEd Newsletter 2004-01
August Recruiting Adventure CoEd Newsletter 2003-09
CoEd Wins Microsoft Grant! CoEd Newsletter 2003-07
26,000 Textbooks Delivered! CoEd Newsletter 2003-04
Mini-Libraries Update CoEd Newsletter 2003-01
The Last School CoEd Newsletter 2002-09
Life Altering Experiences CoEd Newsletter 2002-07
Guatemala Update: Letter from Chamil CoEd Update 2002-05-31
Guatemala Update: Graduation at Chuacruz CoEd Update 2001-11-16
Guatemala Update: Commmunity Service Project CoEd Update 2001-08-09
Guatemala Update: Computer Lab CoEd Update 2001-07-10
Book Delivery Update CoEd Update 2001-03-19
Book Delivery & Volunteer Trip Update CoEd Update 2001-02-01
Trip Report: Chimaltenango CoEd Update 2000-07-29
Out in the Field: Book Delivery Trip CoEd Update 2000-03-14
Book Delivery Update CoEd Update 2000-01-10
Book Delivery Update CoEd Update 1999-10-30
Book Delivery Update CoEd Update 1999-09-07

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Blog Posts about CoEd

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The Selfish Do-Gooder Rebecca Wilks' blog 2016-03-20
Review: The National at The Troubadour–Benefit for Cooperative For Education The Lefort Report 2015-10-17
Guatemala behind the scenes with CoEd Girl Gone Travel 2015-08-25
The Best Ways to Experience Guatemala Huffington Post 2015-08-07
Those special moments in travel Findery 2015-08-01
Travel and learn a better way to give Findery 2015-08-01
Antigua, Guatemala and My Return for Cooperative for Education Girl Gone Travel 2015-06-10
Why We Go Rebecca Wilks' blog 2015-03-04
An Individual Can Make a Difference! Anything Over Ice 2015-02-17
COED: A non profit success story 2014-07-25
Interview with the Cooperative for Education Mamalita blog 2014-01-20
Cooperative for Education The Dewan Foundation Program Reports 2014-01-06
Favorite Charities of the Year This Is My Happiness 2013-12-31
Ancelma hero To Infinity and Beyond... 2013-10-17
Four Reasons to Party at Fall Fiesta Sara Celi's blog 2013-09-30
A Guatemalan Success Story, Thanks To A Cincinnati Nonprofit's Help In Schools Charitable Words 2013-09-20
Guatemala Day 4 Serendipitous Whimsicality 2013-09-01
Local Nonprofits Share Common Ground With Education Work In Central America Charitable Words 2013-05-11
Stuff You Should Know Do Guatemala Stuff You Should Know Blog 2013-04-02
The Guatemala Shake {Video} Elephant Journal 2013-03-03
Guatemala Literacy Project Part I Tom Fellner's blog 2013-02-26
Mayans Rebecca Wilks' blog 2013-02-18
The Streets of Chichicastenango: A Photo Essay Beers and Beans Blog 2013-02-07
Ladies and Gentleman, We Have a Winner! Beers and Beans Blog 2013-02-06
Technology and the Children of Guatemala Beers and Beans Blog 2013-01-24
Discovering Lake Átitlan: A Photo Essay Beers and Beans Blog 2013-01-21
Say Hello To My Little Friend...Maximon Beers and Beans Blog 2013-01-21
A Little Help From Our Friends: Gogobot Joins Our Cause Beers and Beans Blog 2012-12-28
Share The Love: 3 Cheers For Technology And The Children of Guatemala Unruly Media 2012-12-28
5 Reasons to Volunteer with CoEd In Guatemala Besides the Kids Beers and Beans Blog 2012-12-21
All The Beautiful Children of Panajxit – A Photo Essay Beers and Beans Blog 2012-12-20
Finding our voices (and purpose) in Panajxit, Guatemala Beers and Beans Blog 2012-12-20
Education – Give the Gift that Keeps on Giving! Beers and Beans Blog 2012-12-19
Eat, Weave, Smile: A Guatemalan Home Visit Beers and Beans Blog 2012-12-18
It's Guatemala Week! Read Stories, Enter Our Raffle & Win a Prize Pack! Beers and Beans Blog 2012-12-17
Buenos Dias! We're fundraising for a very special cause – Join Us! Beers and Beans Blog 2012-11-14
This One's For The Children of Guatemala! Our Greatest Adventure Yet! Beers and Beans Blog 2012-10-31
Cooperative for Education Enrichment Tour To Infinity and Beyond... 2012-08-07
My Favorite Memories from Our Trip to Guatemala with #COEDGuatemala Beers and Beans Blog 2012-08-01
Travel With Us This Week on Very Special Journey to Guatemala Beers and Beans Blog 2012-07-23
You Buy a Book. Fernando Gets an Education. Better World Books blog 2012-03-22
Friday in Guatemala Steven W. Nelson's blog 2012-02-16
Rotarian Dinner in Xela Steven W. Nelson's blog 2012-02-13
Thursday in Guatemala Steven W. Nelson's blog 2012-02-13
Wednesday in Guatemala Steven W. Nelson's blog 2012-02-11
Another Amazing Day in Guatemala Steven W. Nelson's blog 2012-02-09
Visiting our First Schools in Guatemala Steven W. Nelson's blog 2012-02-07
A Sunday Trip to Santiago Steven W. Nelson's blog 2012-02-07
First Day in Guatemala Steven W. Nelson's blog 2012-02-05
Anticipation Mounts for This Year's Trip Steven W. Nelson's blog 2012-02-03
Education in Guatemala Broetje Orchards 2012-01-31
Fall Fiesta Atlanta: The Beat Goes On Sean O'Keefe Events Blog 2011-12-30
Guatemala Volunteer Opportunities – A Unique Perspective 2011-11-10
Volunteer Travel in Guatemala My Itchy Travel Feet 2011-10-06
Cooperative for Education Trip To Infinity and Beyond 2011-08-14
Literacy & Education: How to Change the World, One Child at a Time My Family Travels Blog 2011-07-20
Help Me Help My Friends: Partner with Hannah and COED Guatemala Uncommon Childhood Blog 2011-03-28
CoEd Guatemala - A Ray of Hope Edventure Project blog 2011-02-26
Getting Adjusted to Guatemala Steven W. Nelson's blog 2011-02-06
Cooperative for Education Community Spotlight_Ramón Rodriguez DevelopmentProfessionals .org 2010-12-01
Without knowing me, you helped me What Gives 365 blog 2010-10-28
Stuff Mom Never Told You podcast podcasts 2010-06-07
Stuff You Should Know podcast podcasts 2010-05-18
Coolest Stuff on the Planet-Lake Atitlán podcasts 2010-04-09

Guatemala Parte 3.1 – El último de los Mayas &
Guatemala Parte 3.2 – Casa Sano y Salvo blogs (Chuck Bryant) 2010-02-15
Strife and Sacrifice in Guatemala; or, Heading Out blogs (Josh Clark) 2010-02-14
Guatemala Part Two... blogs (Chuck Bryant) 2010-02-12
Buenas Noches from Guatemala blogs (Chuck Bryant) 2010-02-10
Stuff You Should Know Takes the Show on the Guatemala blogs (Chuck Bryant) 2010-02-04
I Stuck to the Habits of Fit People on Vacation! dailySpark blogs 2009-02-26

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Media Coverage of CoEd’s Work

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DateClick to sort
P&G Alumni Foundation Fund Helps Bring Computers to Guatemalan Schools Cooperative for Education 2018-01-15
Rotary Joins Literacy Project The Clermont Sun 2016-02-11
Governor joins Guatemala education mission Cayman Compass 2016-01-26
Rotary members on educational mission to Guatemala CNS Local Life 2016-01-11
The National Perform New Song "Roman Candle" at Los Angeles Benefit Concert 2015-10-17
The National Announce Benefit Show at Troubadour in Support of Thousand Girls Initiative Grimy Goods 2015-08-17
One man to run & ride 640 miles for literacy Cayman 27 2015-07-15
Brush to join Chamberlains on Rotary humanitarian trip Grant County Journal 2015-01-15
Building a Bridge from North America to Guatemala SC Ministry Foundation 2014-12-02
A helping hand up from poverty Summit Daily News 2014-10-04
Our Guatemala: Explore the Work of Cooperative for Education in Changing the Lives of Guatemalan Children Adoption Today 2014-06
Aspen Middle School students clean locally while raising money to help education in Guatemala The Aspen Times 2014-05-22
Rotarians head to Guatemala 2014-01-30
Cooperative for Education (CoEd) Gig Harbor Patch 2013-11-06
Big Smiles and Big Thanks from Guatemala The Hub (Vol. 3 No. 11, pg. 4) 2013-11
Charity group helps Guatemalans break poverty cycle FOX 5 Atlanta 2013-10-17
Fall Fiesta to assist students in Guatemala ExpressCincinnati 2013-10
Local non profit creates new bowtie for Dhani Jones charity 2013-09-04
In remote areas, school supplies ease hardship The Rotarian 2013-07
Cooperative for Education and Adventure Life team up to change lives in Guatemala 2013-06-03
Residents and Rotarians travel with Guatemala Literacy Project Peoria Times 2013-02-01
Rotarian to travel with Guatemala Literacy Project The Star 2013-01-30
Westwood residents help impoverished schools 2013-01-29
Summit Rotary plans trip to Guatemala Summit Daily News 2013-01-24
Local Rotarians head to Guatemala on key project Cayman News Service 2013-01-22
Rotary Rocks at the Opry for Kids; Sept. 18 show benefits Estes Valley and Guatemalan programs Estes Park Trail Gazette 2012-09-16
Summit CDS Student travels with Cooperative for Education, Helping Impoverished Schools 2012-09-12
Estes Park Rotary helps Guatemalan children learn Estes Park Trail Gazette 2012-09-09
Graduation gift fosters education appreciation 2012-09-03
Local nonprofit, Cooperative for Education’s "Reaching New Heights" campaign exceeds fundraising goal 2012-08-09
Cincinnati Area Residents Travel with Cooperative for Education 2012-07-23
West Side Cooperative for Education earns national prize The Community Press & Recorder 2012-07-20
Cincinnati nonprofit Cooperative for Education earns national recognition from Microsoft in Guatemala 2012-07-17
Estes Park Rotary presents 'Guatemala Literacy Project' Estes Park Trail Gazette 2012-07-11
Summit students creating books for Guatemalan children 2012-07-05
Cooperative for Education partners with Groupon Grassroots 2012-07-02
Cincinnati nonprofit, Cooperative for Education, is excited to welcome two new board members 2012-06-25
CoEd receives grant for teacher training, books for students The Catholic Telegraph 2012-06-11
Bridgetown resident travels with Cooperative for Education, helping impoverished schools 2012-06-05
Chiquita gives $20,000 for Guatemala textbooks The Packer (produce industry news) 2012-05-21
Ethel M. Taylor Academy and Union Savings Bank pair up to benefit Cincinnati non-profit, Cooperative for Education 2012-05-16
The Others: Don and Carol Bilse [CoEd Supporters] The Glendale Star 2012-05-10
H.B. Fuller and Cooperative for Education Partner to Break Cycle of Poverty in Guatemala 2012-05-08
US: Chiquita and Cooperative for Education Partner FreshPlaza Global News 2012-05-03
Chiquita and Cooperative for Education Partner to Break Cycle of Poverty in Guatemala 2012-05-02
Cincinnati-Based Nonprofit, Cooperative for Education, Relocates Office 2012-04-27
UC Alumni Help Schoolchildren in Guatemala UC Magazine 2012-04
Textbooks, Computers Provide Access To Education – And A Better Future – In Guatemala The Mirror Newspaper 2012-03-08
Local Literacy Group Reaches out to Guatemalan Students Summit Daily 2012-02-23
Cumming Residents Travel with Cooperative for Education, Helping Impoverished Schools Cumming Patch 2012-02-16
Education in Guatemala Broetje Orchards 2012-01-31
Sisters Reflect on CoEd Trip 2011-08-16
Cincinnatians Reach Out to Guatemalan Schoolchildren 2011-08-16
Destination: Guatemala with Fox19's Sara Celi 2011-08-02-
Rotary Club of Glenview Sunrise program Thursday, May 12, 2011 The Guatemala Literacy Project Glenview TribLocal 2011-05-13
Students Raise $2,500 for Guatemala School 2011-04-29
Alleviating Poverty in Guatemala, One Child at a Time Axiom News 2011-04-04
Chiquita and Cooperative for Education partner to break cycle of poverty in Guatemala 2011-03-31
Glen Grove Students Create Books for Children in Guatemala TribLocal – Glenview 2011-02-08
Podcast "Stuff You Should Know" Teaches with Sound Bites of Knowledge UCLA Daily Bruin 2011-02-07
Literacy Projects Paying Off North Bay Nugget 2011-01-14
Tennis Team Scores for the Needy Arlington Catholic Herald 2010-12-22
Local Rotarian - Carol Tyger - delivers books to
Dawson News &
Four Evanston Rotarians help students in Guatemala Unita County Herald 2010-03-02
Bringing Hope to Guatemala 2010-02-23
Profile: Guatemala Literacy Project 2010-01-11
Local residents to volunteer in Guatemala Unita County Herald 2010-01-08
Getting an Education in Guatemala Effingham Opinion 2009-11-25
Chic Spotlight: Cooperative for Education's Emily Kenney Cincy Chic 2009-11-22
Broadening Education By Helping Children Abroad The Cincinnati Enquirer 2009-08-30
Out and About: RTI Community Partnership Award the brIDGe 2009-08
'Voluntourists' give to Guatemalan kids The Cincinnati Enquirer 2009-04-19
Textbook tour: 'Voluntourists' see sites, deliver books Rapid City Journal 2009-04-12
Supplying rural schools in Guatemala US Bank Today 2009-03-13
Aiken Woman Helps Education Efforts in Guatemala Aiken Standard 2009-03-08
Guatemala Literacy Program is impacting poverty District 5409 News 2009-03
Madison Place man spends vacation
volunteering in Guatemala
The Cincinnati Enquirer Mariemont Share 2009-02-28
Scene: Fall Fiesta The Cincinnati Enquirer 2008-11-09
Fiesta for Education Fund Pulse 2008-10-22
Fall Fiesta supports CoEd's vital mission Express Cincinnati 2008-10
Women moved by aid trip abroad The Item 2008-09-02
Bridging the Divide Revue 2008-09
Nativity shows colors abroad Nativity Scene 2008-08
Cleves resident helping impoverished schools 2008-07-26
CoEd: Cookout for a Cause Express Cincinnati 2008-07
Local Lessons Help Guatemalan Poverty Soapbox Cincinnati 2008-05-13
From Corporate Ladder to Nonprofit:
Brothers Supply Books to 10% of Guatemala's Kids
The Cincinnati Enquirer 2008-04-23
A Visit with Glenn Chamberlain Community 2008-04
Rotarians deliver books to Guatemala Cayman Net News 2008-03-17
Changing Lives with Books Hyde Park Lifestyle 2008-01
Brothers inspiring others Business Courier 2007-10-19
For traveler, trips to Guatemala were life-altering Business Courier 2007-10-19
Visitation student helps fellow youths, in Guatemala The Catholic Telegraph 2007-10-12
Cooperative for Education to host fund-raiser Business Courier 2007-10-11
Turning Points: Life of Service Xavier Magazine 2007-09
Cooperative for Education Receives Worldwide Recognition SC Ministry Foundation 2007-06-15
Magis: Men and Women for Others Company 2006-01
Young Leaders: Joseph Berninger Business Courier 2005-10-07
Textbook Generosity:
The Remarkable Berninger Brothers
St. Anthony Messenger 2001-12
In Other Worlds:
Volunteers Deliver School Supplies to Guatemala
The Lima News 2001-04-01
Stepping Up: Alumni deliver schoolbooks, and hope,
to impoverished children in Guatemala
Xavier Magazine 2001-04
Xavier Grads Bring Books to Guatemala Company 2001
Textbook Example of Charity:
Cincinnati brothers use business expertise to supply books to Guatemalan children
The Cincinnati Enquirer 1999-07-01

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Multimedia Coverage

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TypeClick to sort
LengthClick to sort
SourceClick to sort
DateClick to sort
A Life Rescued by Education video link 3:42 FOX 5 Atlanta 2013-10-17
Harlem Shake 'Guatemala Style' YouTube icon link 0:39 Ryan Van Duzer 2013-02-21
The Quest YouTube icon link 1:15 Rotarian Jeff McElhattan 2013-02-12
2011 Fall Fiesta Atlanta in Support of Cooperative for Education Video link 2:12 Sean O'Keefe Events Blog 2011-11
Sara Celi Wraps up Her Guatemala Trip Video link 2:25 Fox19 2011-08-06
Cooperative for Education Video link 0:31 2011-07-12
Focus on Technology mp3, 2.5 MB 5:26 WVXU 91.7 2009-01-25
Channel 5 Coverage of Fall Fiesta YouTube icon link 0:24 WLWT Channel 5 2008-10-24
Channel 5 Preview of Fall Fiesta YouTube icon link 0:37 WLWT Channel 5 2008-10-24
WLW Interviews Holly End about Fall Fiesta mp3,
2.16 MB
0:56 WLW 2008-10-24
WLW Interviews Joe and Jeff Berninger wav,
1.26 MB
1:58 WLW 2008-05-15
WLW Interviews Holly End about CoEd and Fall Fiesta mp3,
4.44 MB
4:50 WLW 2006-10-11
Anchor Brian Patrick reports on his trip to Guatemala with CoEd. YouTube icon link 8:09 WCPO-9 2005-03

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Spanish-Language Coverage

TitleClick to sort
SourceClick to sort
DateClick to sort
The National estrenan “Roman Candle” en un acto benéfico NMag 2015-10-19
COED y Megapaca contribuyen con el desarrollo de los niños en áreas rurales de Guatemala Periódico Digital 2015-04-07
Forjan el amor por la lectura Nuestro Diario 2014-11-03
Ayudan a estudiantes El Quetzalteco 2014-02-07
Día del Buen Chapín Mujer de Negocios 2013-09-19
Megapaca da a conocer su proyecto El Día del Buen Chapín Periódico Digital Centroamericano y del Caribe 2013-09-19
Empresarios donarán 50% de sus ventas CGN Buenas Noticias de Guatemala 2013-09-11
Maestros reciben reconocimiento Prensa Libre 2011-09-15
Maestro innovador Siglo21 2011-08-29
Entregan premio de Q 1 millón Prensa Libre 2011-01-22
Apoyando a Quienes Apoyan (COED) (YouTube icon link) Guatevisión 2011-11-10
Fundación Juan Bautista Gutierrez (YouTube icon link) Viva la mañana 2011-11-10
COED apoya la educación Nuestro Diario 2010-11-10
Los alumnos del profesor Howard que aprobaron la lección El Periódico 2010-11-10
Iniciativas: Generan esperanzas de un mejor futuro Prensa Libre 2010-11-07
Ofrecen apoyo a organizaciones de ayuda La Hora 2010-11-05
Procuran la mejora educativa con tecnología Siglo XXI 2010-11-05
Apoyando a quienes apoyan CID News Media 2010-11-04
El público decidirá quién va a ganar un millón de quetzales El Periódico 2010-11-04
Reconocimiento a la labor social Prensa Libre 2010-11-04
Trasladan tecnología al área rural Prensa Libre 2009-08-30
Entidades Logran Reconocimiento de "Apoyando a Quienes Apoyan" El Periódico 2009-08-29
Apoyando a quienes Apoyan: Premio Juan Bautista Gutiérrez 2009 Nuestro Diario 2009-08-21
Premian tres obras sociales Prensa Libre 2009-08-19
Premiarán labor por comunidades pobres Prensa Libre 2009-08-12
Oportunidad digital (with translation) Prensa Libre 2009-02-14
Estudiantes de Tecpán desarrollan su máximo potencial gracias al centro de computación creado por COED con el apoyo de Microsoft News in America 2009-02-11
Estudiantes de Tecpán desarrollan su máximo potencial Cid News Media 2009-02-11
Capacitan a maestros: Se basan en la reforma educativa El Quetzalteco 2008-04-01
Laboratorio cambia la vida de Chipiacul El Periódico 2007-04-17
Amante de la enseñanza y el desarrollo: Justa Xinico Sipac Siglo21 2006-06-19
La Historia de Justa Xinico Siglo21 2006-05-30
La tecnología como aliada del desarrollo educativo 2006-04-26
Todo empieza por... Switch 2006-04
Inauguración de Centro de Computación (YouTube icon link) Noticiero
Dejando huella: Brazo social de Microsoft lleva tecnología al área rural Prensa Libre 2004-02-17

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