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Brothers Jeff and Joe Berninger founded the Cooperative for Education in 1996.


Jeff Berninger, Founder
Joe Berninger, Co-Founder and Executive Director 

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U.S. Staff

Our U.S. staff is responsible for a variety of management and administrative tasks. Meet our U.S. team!

Cooperative for Education employs 14.5 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) staff in the U.S. For a full list of current U.S. staff, click here. The U.S. team manages:

Our Board of Directors and advisory boards in both the U.S. and Guatemala provide the leadership and strategic vision for the organization.

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Guatemala Staff

Our Guatemala staff carries out our programs. Meet our team members!

CoEd has 36 FTE employees in Guatemala. Click here for a full list of our Guatemala staff. The Guatemala staff manages:

“CoEd is incredibly well organized... I do have to give credit to the consistent professionalism of CoEd's in-country staff. They know their job, they know their procedures, they believe in what they're doing, and they are tremendously courteous—which I believe is behind the success of the partnerships that they have with the schools and their staff.”
—Tim Magee, Executive Director of the Center for Sustainable Development

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Board of Directors

For a full board list, click here.

Our Board of Directors provides support, expertise, and oversight.

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Advisory Boards

See a full board list for our U.S. or Guatemalan Advisory Board.

Our Advisory Board in Guatemala provides local guidance and support.

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