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to promote literacy in Guatemala

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Guatemala Literacy Fellows

GLF logoFor every $1,000 contributed to the project, your club can name one "Literacy Fellow". This is an honor similar to a Paul Harris Fellow; however, it specifically recognizes contributions toward improving literacy and is awarded by the Guatemala Literacy Project. You will receive a recognition pin and case and can choose to honor the individual of your choice. All Fellows will be recorded in the World Registry of Guatemala Literacy Fellows, which will be maintained in perpetuity by the project.

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Spotlight: Newest Guatemala Literacy Fellows

GLF logoRichard Ham
Manhattan Beach, CA

World Community Service Experience: For the past 5 years I have been active in flying doctors to free clinics in Mexico. I have been active in Guatemala through Rotary with numerous Global Grants.
Why you believe in & support the GLP:
It is the best sustainable educational program I have encountered. It should be used in other third world countries due to its success in Guatemala.


GLF logoStephanie Hindin Katz
Summit County, CO

World Community Service Experience: Visited Guatemala with the GLP in 2013 and Panama in 2011.
Why you believe in & support the GLP:
After visiting GLP partner organization Cooperative for Education (CoEd) in Guatemala and seeing the organization in action, I was happy to report back to my Rotary Club that CoEd is a very well-run NGO.

World Registry of Guatemala Literacy Fellows
  First Name Last Name Sponsoring Club
1 Sila Alegret-Bartel Long Meadows, MD
2 Marilyn Albright Kenai River Soldotna, AK
3 Dr. Lowell  Allred Ephrata, WA
4 Colleen Allred Ephrata, WA
5 Ronald R.  Anderson O'Neill, NE
6 Dick Anderson Paramount, CA
7 Helen Anderson Paramount, CA
8 Michael L.  Armaganian Warwick, RI 
9 Bob Ashley Summit County, CO
10 Stephen L.  Avard Grayson County, TX
11 Chelsea Kathleen  Ayre n/a
12 Dylan Mackenzie William  Ayre n/a
13 Bob  Baese Sun City Del Sol, AZ
14 Chris Bailey Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
15 Mary Bak Glenview-Sunrise, IL
16 Dick Barclay Coeur d'Alene, ID
17 Nona Kay Barclay Coeur d'Alene, ID
18 Thomas  Baroch Leavenworth, WA
19 Edmund  Baroch Leavenworth, WA
20 Barbara 'Jimmie'  Barrett Leavenworth, WA
21 Cherié  Bass Tulsa Midtown, OK
22 Jennifer  Bates San Juan, Puerto Rico
23 Harvey Baxter Gainesville, FL
24 Terry Baxter Gainesville, FL
25 Boyd Bennett North Raleigh, NC
26 Katie  Beppler Evanston, WY
27 Tim  Beppler Evanston, WY
28 Jeff  Berninger
29 Joe  Berninger
30 Chris Berry Aspen, CO
31 Michael  Blankenship Hilliard, OH
32 Will  Blessing Sun City West, AZ
33 John  Boogaard Paramount, CA
34 Kerry  Booth Ephrata, WA
35 Rick  Booth Ephrata, WA
36 Ronald L. Bowers Long Meadows, MD
37 Dan  Boyd Pasco Kennewick, WA
38 Toni  Bradford Evanston, WY
39 Robert  Brandfass Morgantown, WV
40 Claudia  Brennan Coeur d'Alene, ID
41 George  Brenner Midtown of Tulsa, OK 
42 Liz Bunch Ceres, CA
43 Dr. John Burkett Salisbury, MD
44 Urban  Buschur New Bremen - New Knoxville, OH
45 Ed  Buskey Port Aransas, TX
46 Larry  Campbell Grayson County, TX
47 Robert  Cape Grayson County, TX
48 Larry  Carrigan Jackson Breakfast, MI
49 Richard  Catlin Sun City West, AZ
50 Glenn  Chamberlain Ephrata, WA
51 Carolyn Chamberlain  Ephrata, WA
52 Kelly Chamberlain  O'Neill, NE 
53 Frances  Christen Forest City, NC
54 Donna  Clift Sun City Del Sol, AZ
55 Margaret  Coalter Springerville, AZ
56 John  Colville Paramount, CA
57 Karen  Cook Coeur d'Alene, ID
58 Raul Cordon Moran  Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
59 Dan Crawford Coeur d'Alene, ID
60 Katie Crawford Coeur d'Alene, ID
61 Scott  Cuthbert  Dunwoody, GA
62 Magnus Dahlgren Long Meadows, MD
63 Laetitia  De Witt St. Catharine's South, ON
64 Rafael A.  Delgado Fajardo, Puerto Rico
65 Glenna Dibrell New Brighton/Mounds View, MN
66 John  Diehl Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
67 Maurine  Doerken Wilshire, CA
68 Daniel E.  Dolan Hampton, NH
69 Mary  Donovan Secaur Peoria North, AZ  
70 Michael Downs Springerville, AZ
71 Paul V.B.  Duryea West York, PA
72 Dian  Edwards O'Neill, NE 
73 Voyd J. "Butch" Elich, II Summit County, CO
74 Bill  Elkins  Boaz, AL
75 Robert Elliot Oshawa Parkwood, ON
76 Joni Ellis Summit County, CO
77 Pete Erickson Moses Lake, WA
78 Greg Erwin Aspen, CO
79 Christopher Evans Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
80 Lloyd  Fairbanks Sun City Del Sol, AZ
81 Marty  Felman Northwest Valley Sunset
82 Mark  Fisher Coeur d'Alene Sunrise, ID
83 Diane  Fledderjohann New Bremen - New Knoxville, OH
84 Woody Foster Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
85 Marty  Franze Aspen, CO
86 Nicholas  Freeland Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
87 Antonio  Frontera Fajardo, Puerto Rico
88 Dan Furth Aspen, CO
89 Lucas Gallegos Tyson's Corner, VA
90 Alejandra  Garcia Savannah West, GA 
91 Gary  Glein Gig Harbor, WA 
92 Linda  Glein Gig Harbor, WA 
93 Susan  Gomes Aspen, CO
94 Catherine Gravel Peabody, MA
95 Bill  Griffith Coeur d'Alene, ID
96 David Grimes Aspen, CO
97 Morey  Grosse Leavenworth, WA
98 Derek  Haines Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
99 George M. Hale Jr. Hilliard, OH
100 Richard Ham Manhattan Beach, CA
101 Venice  Hammond Ephrata, WA
102 Wally  Handeland Cape Henry, VA
103 Richard Hanover Moses Lake, WA
104 Bill  Hansen Sun City West, AZ
105 Forrest  Hardin Rutherford County, NC
106 Sherrie  Hardin Rockmart, GA
107 Nancy  Hardy Bishop-Sunrise, CA
108 John  Harper Midtown of Tulsa, OK 
109 George  Hart Aspen, CO
110 Chris Heaphey Aspen, CO
111 Pam  Helmick Leavenworth, WA
112 Chris  Henderson Grande Prairie, AB
113 Mac  Henderson Grande Prairie, AB
114 Lee  Herold Sun City Del Sol, AZ
115 Joseph  Hew Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
116 Eunice  Hickerson Tri-Cities Sunrise, WA
117 Warren  Hill O'Neill, NE 
118 Paul Hirai Moses Lake Noon 
119 Virginia  Hirai Moses Lake Noon, WA
120 Kimberlee A. Holaway Springerville, AZ
121 Martha Holden Peabody, MA
122 Julia M.  Houskeeper Tulsa Midtown, OK
123 Richard  Houskeeper Tulsa Green County, OK
124 Jim  Howse Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
125 Dr. Donathan Hudgins North Raleigh, NC
126 Debra R.  Hughes Savannah West 
127 James Hulhe Westhampton, NY
128 Terry Hutchens North Raleigh, NC
129 Hugh  Impey Grand Prairie, AB
130 Thomas E. Jeffry, Jr. Manhattan Beach, CA
131 Margaret  Johnson New Brighton/Mounds View, MN
132 Mary Anne Johnston Summit County, CO
133 Shreve  Jones Hilliard, OH
134 Mary  Jones Ceres, CA
135 Larry  Jones Ephrata, WA
136 Matthew  Kane North Raleigh, NC
137 Richard T. Kaplar Tyson's Corner, VA
138 Stephanie Hindin Katz Summit County, CO
139 Joseph  Kiker Statesville-Fourth Creek, NC
140 David  Kirkandy Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
141 James Koonst Belle Plaine, MN
142 David  Kott Westerville Sunrise, OH 
143 Roger  Kozak Vermillion, SD
144 Marty  Krupitsky Coeur d'Alene, ID
145 Lynelle  Langston Leavenworth, WA
146 Thomas P. Larkin Denver Southeast, CO
147 Stephen C. Lassiter Tulsa Midtown, OK
148 Bob Lau Summit County, CO
149 Robert M.  Lawrence Grosse Ile, MI
150 Carol  Lawson Savannah West, GA 
151 Dennis  Leadbetter Savannah West, GA
152 Diane M.  Lease Hilliard, OH
153 David Legasse Savannah West, GA
154 Morris  Levy Tyson's Corner, VA
155 Gretchen  Liebenberg Gig Harbor, WA 
156 Stan  Liebenberg Gig Harbor, WA 
157 Nicole  Lindbloom Pasco Kennewick, WA
158 Bev  Lingle Coeur d'Alene, ID
159 Polly  Logan Lake Elmo, MN
160 David Logan Davisburg, MI
161 Shirley Long Tyson's Corner, VA
162 Bradle  Lucas Savannah West, GA
163 Herman J. Luette Tulsa Midtown, OK
164 Linda  Luther O'Neill, NE 
165 George & Michele MacMaster Dawson County, GA
166 Betty  Maddocks Windsor-Roseland, ON
167 Brian Mansir Tysons Corner, VA
168 Kenneth W.  Marriner Concord, MA
169 Barbara  Martens Savannah West, GA
170 Linda  Martin Springerville, AZ
171 Guillermo  Martinez Fajardo, Puerto Rico
172 Jennifer  Mayotte New Brighton/Mounds View, MN
173 Joseph A.  McCormick Tulsa Midtown, OK
174 Robert  McCutheon Rutherford County, NC
175 Phil  McDowell Bishop-Sunrise, CA
176 Jesse  McKinney Rutherford County, NC
177 Jill  McQueary San Juan County, NM
178 Craig Melville Aspen, CO
179 Judy Meyer Coeur d'Alene, ID
180 Steve  Meyer Coeur d'Alene, ID
181 John  Miller Moses Lake, WA
182 Scott  Miller Piqua, OH
183 Shyam  Mohanka Colonie-Guilderland, NY
184 Tony  Moog Hilliard, OH
185 Benny  Moore Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
186 Darrell Morrow Aspen, CO
187 Janet  Morton Trail, BC Canada
188 Sheila  Mosley Windsor-Roseland, ON
189 Teri  Mouren-Laurens Paramount, CA
190 Julia  Murray Evanston, WY
191 Jessie O. Myers, Jr. Starke, FL
192 Gretchen Naff Long Grove, IL
193 Trevor  Neckles Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
194 Steve  Nelson North Raleigh, NC
195 James  Nelson Harrisburg-East, PA
196 Fr. Bernie Ness Coban, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala
197 Margaret  O'Donnell Paramount, CA
198 Chizue  Ouchi Paramount, CA
199 Pamela E.  Parker Savannah West, GA
200 John  Partin Hurricane Creek, TX
201 Buddy Paul Coeur d'Alene, ID
202 Gary  Pence Oakhurst Sierra, CA 
203 Michelle Peters Bailey's Crossroads, VA
204 Larry and Lorrayne  Peterson Moses Lake Noon
205 Harold Pierce O'Neill, NE 
206 Jeff  Piper New Bremen - New Knoxville, OH
207 Hanna Aileen-Mae Podmore n/a
208 Gregory  Podmore Grande Prairie, AB
209 Karen  Podmore Grande Prairie, AB
210 Lance  Porter Hot Springs National Park, AR
211 Ruth Pratt Coeur d'Alene, ID
212 Kelly  Precechtel  Bright Pasco-Kennewick, WA
213 Mary  Ptacek O'Neill, NE
214 Amy  Pulsifer Springerville, AZ
215 Cindy  Quillin Coeur d'Alene Sunrise, ID
216 Jim  Rabe O'Neill, NE
217 Clate  Ralston Savannah West, GA
218 Dana  Rebelien New Brighton/Mounds View, OH
219 Judith  Redwine La Quinta, CA
220 Steve  Roberge Coeur d'Alene, ID
221 Osmar  Rojas Grande Prairie, AB
222 Lynn  Roose Jr. Hilliard, OH
223 Brent D.  Rosenthal Hilliard, OH
224 Glenn  Rounsevell Tyson's Corner, VA
225 Wendy  Roy Hilliard, OH
226 James  Russell Wenatchee, WA
227 Virginia J. Ryan Royse City, TX
228 Roberto M.  Sanchez Grosse Ile, MI
229 Mary Sanderson Coeur d'Alene, ID
230 Jodi  Santeford San Juan, Puerto Rico
231 Mary Scheibler Leavenworth, WA
232 Ron  Schellpeper O'Neill, NE 
233 Charlotte  Schmidt Leavenworth, WA
234 Norman  Schmidt Leavenworth, WA
235 Bernie  Schroer New Bremen - New Knoxville, OH
236 William  Searcy Savannah West, GA
237 James  Segers Rutherford County, NC
238 Frank  Seibert Babylon, NY
239 Jeff  Seltzer Aspen, CO
240 DeVan  Sharbrough Midtown of Tulsa, OK
241 Patty Shea Coeur d'Alene, ID
242 Eduardo  Silva Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
243 Fred Skinner Moses Lake, WA
244 Kali Smithson Coeur d'Alene, ID
245 Elaine  Snaden Windsor-Roseland, ON
246 Carrie  Stanley-Davis Hilliard, OH
247 Charles Steinmetz Manhattan Beach, CA
248 Jack Stephenson Sun City West, AZ
249 David Stevenson Glenview Sunrise, IL
250 Ann Marie  Stieritz Columbia, SC
251 Rob  Swarzentruber Ephrata, WA
252 Craig Talbot Moses Lake, WA
253 Jeff  Taylor North Raleigh, NC
254 Shirley Tennant Othello, WA
255 Walter Tennant Othello, WA
256 Gerrit  Terpstra Peoria North, AZ  
257 Carolee  Terpstra Peoria North, AZ  
258 Colin  Thacker North Bay, ON
259 George A.  Thomas Hilliard, OH
260 Rex  Thorne Savannah West, GA
261 Alice  Townsend Moses Lake Noon 
262 John  Townsend Moses Lake,  WA 
263 Carol A. Tyger Dawson County, GA
264 Harriet  Vos Sun City West, AZ
265 Pieter  Vos Sun City West, AZ
266 Danna Wall Tulsa Midtown, OK
267 Virgil  Walstrom O'Neill, NE 
268 Michael  Waterman Grayson County, TX
269 Dana Wetzel Coeur d'Alene, ID
270 Steve  Wetzel Coeur d'Alene, ID
271 Mona  Wheeler Sun City Del Sol, AZ
272 Raymond  Whittaker Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
273 Evan Wilbanks Tulsa Midtown, OK
274 Jay  Wilbur Paramount, CA
275 Rebecca  Wilks Peoria North, AZ  
276 Darren  Winger Windsor-Roseland, ON
277 David Wold Coeur d'Alene, ID
278 Sheila  Worley Sterling, CO
279 LaDell  Yada Moses Lake Noon 
280 Bernie  Young Snowmass Village, CO
281 David G.  Zucconi Tulsa Midtown, OK