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Cecilia doesn't have a home.

First documented in the New York Times, Cecilia's story is appallingly common in Central America. With no money and no future in her hometown, she said goodbye to her family and headed north.

After a treacherous journey, Cecilia is now one of more than 68,700 unaccompanied minors who have illegally immigrated to the United States from Central America within the last year. 

More and more children like Cecilia face unimaginable danger trying to escape the home that has betrayed them. 

Imagine a separate reality.

Imagine a safe, joyful home for every one of those children currently alone and scared, thousands of miles from their families. You can give these children a home again.

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For the same cost as caring for all the kids at the border, CoEd could educate ten times as many children through high school and allow them a future in their Guatemalan hometown.

If we can educate ten times as many kids through CoEd's programs...

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