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November 2010

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Dear Friend,

There are so many ways you can get involved with helping the children of Guatemala this month! Whether it's something small like voting for CoEd to win $125,000, doing your holiday shopping at Amazon through our link to benefit CoEd, or maybe even signing up for one of our 2011 tours, your efforts really make a difference in the lives of Guatemala's schoolchildren.
CoEd Has a Chance to Win $125,000!
We need your help to get there!

CoEd has been selected as one of 5 top finalists for the prestigious Juan Bautista Gutierrez Prize, the highest award given to a nonprofit working in health and education in Guatemala.  If we win the top prize of $125,000, we will be able to help more rural communities with sustainable educational projects, including bringing CoEd's:

  • Computer Centers
    Brenda is the face of CoEd for  the Juan Bautista Gutierrez Prize.
    to two additional communities,
  • Textbook Program to four additional communities,
  • Culture of Reading Program to three additional communities.

  How can you help?

1. Vote for CoEd every day!

The webpage for voting is in Spanish. Be sure to vote for Brenda. Get directions in English.

Vote now! 



Every vote makes a huge difference and you can vote up to 5 times a day!

Voting ends on November 30th.


2. Send the link or instructions to your friends and family.

All in the Family: Phil Guerin
CoEd Donor Spotlight: Introducing you to some of the people who make our programs possible.

Phil Guerin
Phil Guerin delivers textbooks during a Snapshot Tour.
Phil Guerin
Profession: Entrepreneur, Owner, "Myxed Up Creations"
Hometown: Denver, CO
CoEd supporter since: 2001
For Phil Guerin, CoEd is more than just a family affair. Sure, his brother-in-law happens to be Executive Director, Joe Berninger; but after learning about Joe's work over Thanksgiving dinner nearly ten years ago, Phil wanted to know how he could get involved. Like so many CoEd supporters, he made the cause his own.
Phil has donated generously to the organization throughout the years. He traveled to Guatemala for the first time in August 2006. During the trip, he noticed CoEd staff distributing donated school supplies decorated with other companies' branding. A seasoned retail industry veteran, Phil understands the value of advertising. To help promote the organization, he paid to have thousands of CoEd-logo pens made for students at project schools.   
While in Guatemala, Phil also supported local artists by buying jewelry and handicrafts to sell in his Denver stores. He donated 100% of the profits back to CoEd. With the help of friend, Mike Pritchard (who Phil brought along with him to Guatemala), he connected CoEd to the Western Union Foundation in Colorado, now a vital funding partner. Last year, Phil - with the help of his 25 employees - raised $5,000 for the programs in Guatemala. 
On his second Snapshot Tour in 2007, Phil met Jessica Galán, while both were visiting Antigua. Phil and Jessica were later married in Denver. In lieu of wedding gifts, they asked family and friends to make donations to CoEd. The couple recently had their first child, a daughter named Gabriella.
Q: What was the thing you least expected about Guatemala - other than meeting Jessica?
How endearing the children were with foreigners and how enthusiastic they were to acquire books.

Q: What are your impressions of traveling to Guatemala on a CoEd tour?
I had opportunities that most tourists don't have to get to know the real Guatemala.
Q: What advice would you give someone considering signing up for a tour?
Do it! It can be a life changing experience - if you let it.
Q: What was the one item in your suitcase you couldn't have lived without while traveling in Guatemala?
Ear plugs!

Are you ready for your life to be changed by the country and people of Guatemala? Join us for a 2011 Snapshot Tour!
  • February 22-27, 2011 (LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE)
  • July 26-31, 2011
  • August 2-7, 2011

CoEd Is Recognized by Philanthropist Blogger Betty Londergan!
Betty Londergan2
Philanthropist Betty Londergan has started a blog called WhatGives365. Every day she is donating $100 to a cause she feels is worthy. CoEd was lucky enough to be honored on October 28th!

Check out her blog about CoEd.

Calling All Teachers...
Spanish Speaking Volunteers Needed in Guatemala!
Teachers2As you are aware, CoEd's Culture of Reading Program (CORP) delivers training in effective instruction to primary-school teachers. Rob and Mary Gooze, Rotarians and former participants in a CoEd delivery tour, are working with CORP Program Manager Carolyn Johnson to add enrichment programs to the CORP classrooms while the teachers are being trained.
They are looking for 2-3 people, with strong Spanish speaking backgrounds and elementary or secondary teaching experience, to join them in Antigua for a week next April to provide classroom enrichment activities. This is a great way to expand someone's knowledge and involvement with one of CoEd's exciting programs.

 If you want to find out more, please contact Rob or Mary Gooze directly at or 608-835-9040.
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Pass on the link to family and friends and help CoEd break the cycle of poverty in Guatemala.
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