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December 2010

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Happy Holidays! With the new year just around the couner, there are plenty of ways to get involved with Cooperative for Education (CoEd). Whether it's something small like doing your holiday shopping at Amazon through our special link, sponsoring a student to attend school with a CoEd scholarship, involving your child or school in our School-to-School program or maybe even signing up for one of our 2011 tours, your efforts really make a difference in the lives of Guatemalan schoolchildren.



CoEd's First Class of Scholarship Students Graduate High School!



Six years ago in Santiago, Sacatepéquez,CoEd started sponsoring students to continue their education past primary school by attending básico, Guatemala's equivalent of middle school (grades 7-9). Three years ago, these students moved on to diversificado, Guatemala's equivalent of high school (grades 10-12).

Yesby 2005

Scholarship student Yusby in 2005 as she began middle school.


This December, this first class of scholarship students graduated from high school! In spite of the challenges they've faced throughout their education, several students will even be moving on to college, a dream which previously seemed unattainable for the children in this community.


CoEd's Guatemala staff specially recognized the students, with a graduation ceremony, celebration, and a slide show of the students over the past six years. Other current scholarship students also attended the ceremony. The graduates serve as excellent role models for CoEd's current scholarship students, who study hard each day in the hope that they, too, will attain the 12 years of education needed to break the cycle of poverty in Guatemala.

Now a young woman, high school graduate Yusby is facing an even brighter future. (2010)

How can you help future students reach graduation?

 Education beyond the elementary school level is crucial to reducing poverty in rural Guatemala, where those with a middle school education earn as much as 50% more in income each month than their peers without one. Each year, with the help of sponsors in the U.S., CoEd provides full academic scholarships to 75 indigenous Mayan students in the impoverished community of Santiago Sacatepéquez, Guatemala.

To find out more about how you can sponsor a student, visit our Scholarships page.



Showing CoEd School Spirit: Rick Schroeder

CoEd Donor Spotlight: Introducing you to some of the people who make our programs possible.

Rick Schroeder

Rick (Left) and Paul VI's Coach Syska, spreading the word about CoEd.

Name: Rick Schroeder
Hometown: Fairfax, VA
CoEd supporter since: 2005
After reading about CoEd in a Xavier Alumni magazine, Rick Schroeder got in contact with us. Since then, he has been active in supporting the mission of CoEd to break the cycle of poverty in Guatemala through education.

Rick has gone on four tours since he found out about CoEd and plans to go again in August. This time, he will be bringing along a banner from the high school that he has connected with CoEd, Paul VI Catholic High School in Fairfax, VA.

Paul VI has joined the School-To-School Program, a way of connecting and educating students in the United States with the students of Guatemala. Clubs, service groups, classes, teams, and entire schools can all get involved.

The girls' tennis team at Paul VI hosted an ice cream party to benefit CoEd. Rick also hosted an end-of-the-year tennis party at his club. He says the challenge for the boys' team is to match the fundraising success of the girls' team.

Paul VI tennis team

The Paul VI girls tennis team rallies around a good cause.

Know a school that would be interested in getting involved? Visit our School-to-School page and find out more about how to get started!



Xavier Presents CoEd a Check for $5,480


In October at Xavier University's basketball kick-off, Musketeer Madness, the X-treme Fans, a student-run booster club, presented CoEd with a check for $5,480, the proceeds from sales of the 2009-2010 X-Shirt. The X-Shirt is the Xavier-themed t-shirt that comes out each year, eagerly purchased and worn to games by students and fans alike. As the design is unveiled each year, a charity to benefit from the sales of the X-Shirt is announced.

CoEd was lucky enough to be chosen last year from numerous charity organizations throughout Cincinnati. Ann Dempsey, Development Manager and CoEd board member Dave Noll attended Musketeer Madness in October

Xavier Check

Ann Dempsey (far left) and Dave Noll (left rear) receive proceeds from X-Shirt.

 to receive the donation.





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