November 2011
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Dear Friend,
Thanksgiving is this week, and we hope you know how grateful we are for all of YOU, CoEd's supporters. You give so generously of your time, your talent, and your treasure to ensure a brighter future for kids in Guatemala. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at CoEd!

Danilo Goes to Washington 
CoEd Computer Teacher Receives International Honor

Danilo Noriega Represents CoEd at Microsoft Conference
CoEd recently received international recognition as Danilo Noriega, who teaches at a CoEd Computer Center in Chimaltenango, Guatemala, won Microsoft’s Partners in Learning: Innovative Teachers competitions at the local level in Guatemala City and at the regional level, in Santiago, Chile. Danilo's first place prize at the regional competition earned him an invitation to Microsoft’s prestigious Partners in Learning Global Forum, held from November 7-10 in Washington, D.C. More than 200,000 teachers around the globe participated in the Innovative Teachers competitions, with only around 700 educators receiving an invitation to Microsoft’s annual conference. CoEd’s Howard Lobb, Director of Technology Programs and Communications, accompanied Danilo to the conference and shared his updates on CoEd's Facebook Page.
CoEd's Project Based Learning Methodology Gets Attention
Danilo’s prizewinning project was an assignment in which his students at Hacienda Maria’s Computer Center used Microsoft Office to develop, create, and market their own products, such as all-natural soap, face cream, and a hat with an embedded MP3 player and headphones. “It was a great satisfaction to win the contest,” Noriega commented. “But my students deserve the credit for coming up with the idea. I only gave them guidance and helped them develop the methodology. Of course, none of this would have been possible without CoEd’s support.” 
YOU Made it Possible!
We are so proud to see students with no prior computer experience using technology to become young entrepreneurs. Congratulations to Danilo and to all of you who support CoEd as we deliver high quality computer instruction to kids in Guatemala. YOU are giving Guatemala’s youth the tools to embrace the digital age and use technology to help break the cycle of poverty in their country.

¡Mil Gracias! 
CoEd Computer Student Shares her Gratitude

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we wanted to share with you a letter we recently received from Erika Xicay Asturias, a student at CoEd’s Computer Center in Cerritos Asunción in Chimaltenango, Guatemala. Thanks to your generous support, Erika learned how to use a computer and is now working towards her dream of becoming a systems engineer. 
Hello to my friends who work hard every day to bring technology to communities in need,
My name is Erika Xicay Asturias and I’m a student at the Instituto Básico por Cooperativa Asunción. I want to take this opportunity to give my deep appreciation for CoEd and its donors and show that your donations have not been made in vain
This picture was taken on October 26, 2011, the day I finished ninth grade. With me are my mother, Estela, my father, Gilberto, and my dear brother, Alan. I am leaving this school very pleased that, after two years of taking the computer class, I have already learned so many great things (like creating a Word document and saving it in PDF format). 
I have discovered that it is my dream to study systems engineering and to one day build a computer. I know that with a lot of effort, I can achieve this goal. Four years ago, in my community, we didn’t even know how a computer worked. But today, with the help of CoEd, my friends and I have graduated from the computer class with so much knowledge. 
I encourage CoEd to keep bringing technological resources to places here in Guatemala because with such technology, other communities can develop just like we are here in Cerritos Asunción Patzicía, Chimaltenango.
Erika Xicay Asturias
Aldea Cerritos Asunción

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