January 2012
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Dear Friend,

It’s a new year and exciting things are happening at CoEd thanks to YOU! Read on to see the differences you’re making in the lives of Guatemalan children.

Did You Know? 
Education really does pay in Guatemala 
Of every 100 Guatemalan children:
  • 89 start primary school
  • 55 complete sixth grade
  • 38 begin high school, and 
  • only 18 complete high school  

However, when we invest in education, the return on that investment is considerable. A Guatemalan who completes:
  • primary school (six years), earns 68% more than someone who has not
  • middle school (through 9th grade), earns 27% more than someone who only completed primary school
  • high school (through 12th grade), earns 32% more than someone who only finished middle school
For every dollar earned by a Guatemalan with no education, a high school graduate would make $2.82!
CoEd’s programs are all geared towards keeping kids in school longer, so your generosity is working every day to give these children a chance to break the cycle of poverty through education.

The statistics cited in this article come from a 2011 World Bank study and a 2009 study by Programa de Promoción de la Reforma Educativa de América Latina y el Caribe (PREAL).

Maria Puts a Face on the Stats 
See how Maria's family is prioritizing education
Maria practices her tourism skills by showing a CoEd tour group around her hometown of Santiago Atitlán.
Anyone who has gone on a tour has most likely met Maria Tacaxoy and her family. For the past decade, CoEd scholarships have kept Maria and her three siblings in school. We have already been able to see the immense transformation in their lives.
A giant hurdle for the Tacaxoy family has been the complete illiteracy of Maria’s parents, but that hasn’t stopped Maria and her siblings…
  • Maria began her college career at Del Valle University in Sololá this month, pursuing a 2-year degree in tourism.
  • Juan graduated from high school in November, and is now attending Del Valle along with Maria.
  • José is in his last year of high school.
  • Petronila is now in the fourth grade.
Maria, Juan, Petronila, and CoEd Volunteer Megan Markgraf
CoEd's Executive Director Joe Berninger commented, “With a grade school education, Maria might get a job cleaning the bathrooms at a hotel. With a high school diploma she might work behind the desk. But now, with her college degree she will have the skills to manage the hotel.”
Thank you for giving countless young people like Maria the opportunity to achieve their potential.

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