March 2012
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Board of Trustees
Patti Ballard
Jim Banks
Denis Forster
Karl Gieseke
David Kammer
Tom Koenig
Ed McCarter
David Noll
Paul Porcino
Ramón Rodriguez
Carleen Suttman
Doug Tyger
Jeff Berninger
Joe Berninger

Advisory Board
Glenn Chamberlain
Mario Contreras
Bill Dankworth
Jack and Marie Eiting
Sr. Victoria Forde, SC
Charlie Gallagher
Fr. Mike Graham, SJ
Sr. Katie Hoelscher, SC
Dan Nocella
Sr. Kris Schrader, ASC
Rick Schroeder
Emily West
Leave a Legacy
Remembering CoEd through your will, 401k, or life insurance is easy!

Contact Holly End at or 513-731-2595 x 104 or visit our Leave a Legacy page for more information.
Dear Friend,
Our February tour season has come to a close, but our memories of the kids we helped will certainly live on! For those of you who couldn't join us, we wanted to share with you some inspiring stories and photos of our time in Guatemala. Consider coming on our July 24-29 Snapshot Tour and make some memories of your own!

Know Anyone in the Media? 
Seeking Applicants for Media Fellowship
FOX19's Sara Celi was CoEd's 2011 Media Fellow.
Did you know that CoEd has a Media Fellowship? Each year, CoEd sponsors a media personality to attend one of our Project Tours.
If you know someone in the media (i.e. a TV news anchor, print journalist, high-profile blogger/podcaster) who would be great at telling CoEd's story, please encourage them to apply to come on a tour as a CoEd Media Fellow.
For more information or to apply for the Media Fellowship, please contact Ann Dempsey at

A Note from Joni 
GLP Tour Participant Joni Ellis Shares Her Experience
Rotarian Joni Ellis wrote to us after returning from the Guatemala Literacy Project (GLP) Tour in February. Here's what she said:

Hi Everyone at CoEd,
It's been difficult to get you out of my mind! After returning from Guatemala, the children continue to enter my thoughts and dreams. When I'm supposed to be working, I find myself fine-tuning my presentation that Mary Anne and I plan to give next week to our Rotary Club.
Joni takes part in the Textbook Program inauguration at Chuabaj.
It was a wonderful experience, and one that I will not soon forget. Your projects are professional, effective, and orchestrated like a symphony. It is hard to answer the question of what was your favorite thing, or which event touched you the most. I've already answered that in many ways. 
One time I replied it was watching the primary teacher read a storybook, knowing that the children had not previously been read to, much less been taught to read. The second time I responded it was witnessing a 5th grade lesson of copying a colored circle from the chalkboard. Later I replied that the most touching was the children. And yes, I can assure you that those children grabbed my heart and are still holding on. I can still feel their little arms wrapped around my neck at the primary schools and linking with mine at basico [middle school], those brown eyes looking at me with unconditional love.
The profound difference that CoEd is making in the lives of the Guatemalan children was as obvious and bold as the trajes [traditional clothing] that they wear. Thank you, CoEd. Our paths will cross again. I will be doing my best to spread the word.  
Keep up the incredible work.  Your work and your staff are fantastic.

Kindest Regards,
Joni Ellis
February 2012 Tour Slideshow 
A Look at Life in Guatemala
Check out the highlights of our February tours in this slideshow!
See our best photos from February tours in this slideshow!

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