April 2013
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Dear Friend,
Everywhere we go in Guatemala, we hear the words "Muchas Gracias." As the founders of Cooperative for Education, we get a lot of credit for all of the good CoEd's programs are doing. But none of it would be possible without YOU.
You give Guatemalan children their first textbooks and computers. You teach them to love reading. You make it possible for them to continue on to middle school, high school, and beyond, even though they'd always assumed they'd have to quit after 6th grade. Since you don't get the benefit of hearing "Muchas Gracias" personally, thousands of times from Guatemalan students each year, we have declared April to be CoEd Supporter Appreciation Month. Our goal is to make sure that you truly understand just how much we, and the children of Guatemala, appreciate all that you do.
So, this Cooperative Communication is dedicated to all of you. Be sure to:
From the children of Guatemala, and from all of us at CoEd, Mil Gracias—a thousand thank yous.
With Gratitude,
Joe and Jeff Berninger

¡Muchas Gracias! 
Guatemalan Students Say Thank You
Watch the video to hear from the children whose lives you've changed.
Your support means the world to the students in Guatemala, and they want you to hear it from them! Watch the Thank You Video,
and hear students tell their stories of breaking out of the cycle of poverty—stories that you made possible.

The Voices of Your Impact 
What You Mean to the Students in Guatemala
“To be special in someone’s life is not to fill a space. It is to create a space that no one else can fill. You have a very big space in my heart and I love you very much.”
-Lesly, CoEd Scholarship Graduate
"It might just seem like a donation to you, but I hope you realize that with one second of your time you can really transform someone's whole life."
-Rosalío, CoEd Scholarship Graduate
"Before anything else, thank you so much! We're going to learn a lot more than what we know. It's not just me—there are many of us who want to better ourselves. My classmates like to study, but we haven't been able to. You have a noble heart to have thought to help me and my community."
-Berly, CoEd Textbook Student 


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