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How We’re Different

"I just haven't seen other NGOs in Guatemala with a scaled-up, sustainable, impact-oriented program such as CoEd's.
—Tim Magee, Executive Director of the Center for Sustainable Development

Too many international development projects lack a long-term survival plan. Once the sponsoring organizations move on, these “dump and go” programs often fail. And the cycle of poverty and despair continues.

Sustainable Programs

We deliver sustainable programs that thrive and survive into the future. Our innovative revolving fund model involves every beneficiary.  Each person makes a small financial contribution to their school’s project, giving them a vested interest in its success.

Deep Development

We address the root causes of poverty in Guatemala—rather than just treating its symptoms

While many nonprofits spread their resources across many countries, CoEd builds long-term relationships with our beneficiaries in one country, providing them with multiple, layered programs that combat poverty. Our approach to “deep” development will bring about long-term, systemic change in Guatemala.

Community Empowerment

The entire community takes ownership of the project.CoEd also builds local capacity by training community members to manage and maintain the projects. Even once CoEd moves on, the programs will continue to benefit the young people of rural Guatemala.

In our Textbook Program, for example, 99% of schools that have been active in the program for at least five years have renewed their books using money saved through their revolving funds!

Run Like a Business

"The organization is run like a well-lubricated business—quite unusual in the nonprofit world."
-Tim Magee, Executive Director of the Center for Sustainable Development

At CoEd, we pride ourselves on transparency, accountability, and a commitment to measuring the outcomes of our work. We evaluate the success of each program and share the results with our partners.