Become a Padrino

Become a Padrino

Padrinos are a beloved part of Guatemalan culture. A bride and groom’s padrinos play an important role at their wedding, and schools will often appoint a padrino for a graduating class. Within CoEd’s program, your donation of $5,000 per year will make you the Padrino for a new class of 10-15 scholarship students. Your support enables the program to continue in a comprehensive, sustainable way by covering the cost of things like program development, evaluation, and research and implementation of best practices.

As a Padrino…

  • You will receive regular updates and notes from your class.
  • A plaque recognizing your generosity will be installed at CoEd’s Education Center.
  • You will be invited to attend and speak at your scholarship class’s graduation ceremony, which is organized by CoEd at the end of their three-year journey.

$5,000 for 1 year