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Where We Serve

Rural Schools

CoEd programs serve rural Guatemala, mainly in the country’s Central and Western Highlands. Program regions are inhabited primarily by indigenous Mayan Indians and plagued by systemic poverty, illiteracy, and inequality. The school systems in these communities are under-resourced and typically neglected by government support structures.

Every day, CoEd serves thousands of Guatemalan youth through four main programs:

How to Use the Interactive Map

Click on the flags to reveal more details about each school. (Please note that numbers of students are generally based on data from each school's year of entry. These numbers often fluctuate due to changes in enrollment. The most current program totals can be found on the program pages linked in the above paragraph.)

Additionally, you can zoom in and out using the + / - icons in the lower left corner of the map. Use the legend icon icon in the upper left corner of the map to view the legend and sort by program type. Click on the fullscreen icon icon in the upper right to view the map fullscreen.