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Current Literacy & Learning Society Members

Dream Builders

Laurie Bankston & Louise Snyder
Jeff & Johanna Berninger
Joe & Rebecca Berninger
Don & Carol Bilse
Colin & Kathleen Combs
Abby Eblen & Richard Blahauvietz
Holly & Christian End
Bernard & Laura Gaffney
Mary & Matt Graham
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Casey Kerr & Kathy Lowe
Bob & Sarah Lawrence
Stan & Gretchen Liebenberg
Tracy & Jens-Uwe Mayer
Ed & Suzanne McCarter
Mike & Karen Pompeo
Rick Schroeder
 Carolee & Gerrit Terpstra

Dream Builders are LLS members who have fulfilled their 5-year commitment and continued to sponsor.

Marlene Alger & Colin Thacker
Kacie Baldwin
Tom & Megan Clark
Mario & Cindy Contreras
Shayne & Jaime Ephraim
Kevin Garber
Maggie & Karl Gieseke
Bill Hagborg
Jonathan Halperin & Julia Ruiz-Halperin
Venice Hammond
Ed & Joann Hubert
Jerry & Loreda Johnson
Martin Krupitsky
Chuck & Lin Merk
Anne Niehaus
Dan & Meaghan Nocella
Brian & Cara Schott
Kimberly and Philip Summe
Craig Talbot
Bill Trigg
Larry & Anne Van Kirk

Join the Cooperative for Education's prestigious Literacy & Learning Society (LLS) and ensure that CoEd’s programs will be around for many years to come.

Literacy & Learning Society members make a commitment to contribute to CoEd each year for the next five years. The Terpstras personally inaugurated their program school on a tour.

Yearly sponsorship levels include:

As a Society member, you will receive:

LLS members can personally attest to the rewards of making an ongoing commitment to the children of Guatemala:

For more information about the Literacy & Learning Society, please contact Leslie Jenkins Reed at 513-661-7000, x. 115 or