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How You Can Help

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Donate $5 right now (It will help put a textbook into the hands of a Guatemalan child)
Time commitment: 3 minutes

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Sign up to join us in Guatemala for a 5-day trip (We're fun, we promise!)
Time commitment: 5 days

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Join us at Fall Fiesta (or throw your own party to raise funds and awareness for Guatemala)
Time commitment: 5 hours

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Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (It's waaay easier than trying to follow us around in person)
Time commitment: 30 seconds

And this is just scratching the surface! We love to hear from people with their own ideas about how to best use their time and talents for the greater good. So don't be a stranger, and get involved today!

Explore the links in this section to learn more ways you can help:

With your help, she will break the cycle of poverty through education.