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Your sponsorship makes a difference.

Through a CoEd sponsorship, you can support a variety of educational programs that help Guatemalan youths gain the skills they need to lead positive, productive lives.

Scholarships: $35-$70/monthScholarship & Youth Development Program
Help promising Guatemalan children stay in school and rise out of poverty. Become a Diploma sponsor ($70 per month) or an Honor Roll sponsor ($35 per month) to help these remarkable students overcome the economic barriers between them and their education. A student will have only one Diploma sponsor; a student may have two Honor Roll sponsors.

Technology in Action: $1,000Technology in Action
Deliver vital computer skills training to Guatemalan youths through your $1,000 Technology in Action sponsorship at a CoEd Computer Center.


Culture of Reading Program: $2,000Culture of Reading Program Class
For just $2,000, you can provide a rural Guatemalan primary school teacher (selected from grades 1-6) with training in best practices in reading instruction, giving her the tools to engage students and instill in them a lifelong love of reading.

Textbook Program: $2,500School Textbook Program
$2,500 can bring textbooks to a rural Guatemalan school and improve the quality of teaching and learning in the community for generations to come.


Poverty Buster: $4,000Poverty Buster
This $4,000 sponsorship combines three of CoEd's programs to impact students in Guatemala in a truly special way. As a Poverty Buster, you will sponsor one scholarship student, one Technology in Action sponsorship, one Culture of Reading Program (CORP) classroom, and provide reference materials for one school.

Computer Center: $5,000Computer Center
Your sponsorship of $5,000 provides marketable technical skills to more than 100 students—skills that will help them get better jobs and address real-world problems in their community.


Technology Bundle: $5,000Technology Bundle
By sponsoring a work group consisting of five computers and serving up to 15 students per class period for $5,000, you are helping provide vital computer skills to Guatemalan students in an increasingly technological world.

CORP School: $10,000-$25,000Culture of Reading Program (CORP) School Sponsorship
This multi-year sponsorship gives you the unique opportunity to sponsor the same students for three years in a row as they fall in love with reading and gain the confidence to succeed through the Culture of Reading Program. The dollar amount of the sponsorship varies depending on the size of the school (each classroom is a $2,000 commitment), but most available CORP schools are between $10,000 and $25,000 to sponsor.