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Two decades of operating a successful international nonprofit has provided us with vast experiential knowledge to share through consultations with other organizations working in Guatemala, including Common Hope, Friendship Bridge, Open Windows Foundation, Pueblo a Pueblo, and Education Project International. Through the years, Cooperative for Education has provided a variety of support and assistance to many such organizations with common goals. The following collaborations are just a sample of the way in which we magnify our impact in Guatemala and the developing world through assistance to other organizations.

“The crew of Vivir en Amor is very thankful for the support we received from CoEd. But mostly it is the teachers, the parents, and especially the students who are happy to have their own textbooks. This will greatly benefit the quality of study. Thanks, CoEd, for your help!”
   —Tupac Calfat, Vivir en Amor

We have also advised various groups on voluntourism and mission trip opportunities in Guatemala, including Teach on the Beach, GiveBack Cincinnati, Withrow Family Mission Trip, Moms on a Mission, and Teens on Mission.