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Our Results

CoEd students know that our programs are working—and so do we, because we measure the success of our programs annually.

Since Cooperative for Education (CoEd) began in 1996, we have provided life-changing educational opportunities to more than 162,000 students.

How do we know our programs work?

We evaluate the success of each project and share the results with our partners. We analyze student and teacher outcomes through surveys, interviews, and pre- and post-tests. Below are highlights from our most recent measurable results studies (completed in 2007-2015).

CoEd also underwent an extensive evaluation, conducted by the Center for Sustainable Development in 2009-2010, which reviewed our organizational structure as well as our programs.  Read the Final Report from that evaluation.

We also know that our programs are working through the success stories of our graduates.

Textbook Program

The average school showed a 46% decline in dropout rate after beginning a CoEd Textbook Program.

Of the teachers interviewed:

Of the program graduates interviewed:

With textbooks, class time teachers waste dictating is cut in half, leaving more time to engage students in active discussion.

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Computer Program

Of the students interviewed:

CoEd students know that computer skills will improve their chances of getting a good job in the future.

Of the program graduates interviewed:

In addition, 90% of third-year computer students successfully passed the Microsoft Digital Literacy test.

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Culture of Reading Program (CORP)

Of the teachers participating in the program:

In addition, research indicates that:

Kids learn to read better when they are immersed in the storytelling process.

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Scholarship & Youth Development Program Studies

Students with CoEd Scholarships are poised for a successful future.

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