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Do you live in the Greater Cincinnati area and know of a group that would be interested hosting a presenter on one or more of the following topics?

  1. Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in Guatemala Through Education
  2. Mindful Missions
    How to avoid “here today, gone tomorrow” development
  3. Out of the Field and Into the Classroom
    The Power of Educating Girls
  4. Guatemala 101
    More Than Just a Cup of Coffee
  5. How Gratitude and Giving can Change your Life
  6. Make it Last
    Creating Systemic Change in a Developing Country
  7. A Tale of Two Futures
    How One Mayan Girl Beat the Odds
  8. Teaching Your Children Generosity

Invite a member of our Speakers Bureau to visit your organization, company, church, or school to hear more about these inspiring topics and the positive change happening in Guatemala.

The CoEd Speakers Bureau will provide:

Groups that will benefit from a CoEd presentation include:

Schedule your presentation today! Contact Garrett Fenchel at or 513-661-7000, ext. 111, for more information.