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Health & Safety

CoEd takes a variety of precautions to assure safety on our tours.

CoEd’s Guatemala office has been operating tours in Guatemala since 1998 and none of our tour participants has ever been a victim of a serious crime. However, in Guatemala, as in other developing countries, traveling is not without risk. To better understand these risks, CoEd requires all Project Tour travelers to read the U.S. State Department’s consular information sheet and any relevant public announcements concerning Guatemala. These advisories give valuable information and suggest precautions visitors may take to mitigate risks.

First Time to Guatemala?

If you have not previously traveled to Guatemala, you might find it difficult to put these risks into context. The following statistics may help:

We consider the risk of traveling to Guatemala comparable to that of spending time in high-crime areas within major U.S. cities. While traveling to any crime-ridden area can be at times unsafe—and one must acknowledge and accept the risks involved—it is our judgment that if appropriate precautions are taken, traveling to Guatemala on a CoEd tour is a reasonable risk to take.

Safeguards and Precautions

CoEd’s Guatemala office and its staff make every reasonable effort to assure the safety of its tours, including:

Trip participants can also lessen their own chances of being targets of crime by:

Overall, we believe that your experience in Guatemala will be a positive and memorable one, as it has been for the 500+ visitors to our projects that have come before you.

If you have any other questions or concerns about safety in Guatemala, please contact Jessica Stieritz at 513-661-7000, x. 105 or