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Tour Testimonials

Carolyn connects with a student at Paquisis Cooperative School

“Why go on Snapshot? You’ll have a great time, you’ll learn about another culture, you’ll meet great people, and you’ll feel like you are making a difference in the world.”
—Carolyn Diener





Elizabeth has been to Guatemala on two CoEd Tours.

“CoEd has found a way to take a small part [of the world] and make it better and that just shows me that there’s hope that everything can be better, that work can be done, and people can be helped.”
—Elizabeth End

Elizabeth visited Guatemala as part of a family trip.

“Every aspect of this whole entire trip has truly, truly touched my soul and I just want to thank the CoEd staff for creating such a wonderful program.”
—Elizabeth MacMaster

Christian is inspired by his CoEd tour.

“In the United States, we have an expectation that we’re going to go on to high school, or that we’re going to go on to college. When you’re here, you realize that this expectation is really a privilege. I think that when you see what these kids will do and what challenges they face to get to the 2nd or 4th or 5th grade, it really makes you value something that you’ve taken for granted for a really long time. It’s inspirational. It is something that makes you really value a single book. It makes you value the times that a parent sat with you and taught you something. I really thought the whole trip was unbelievable.”
—Christian End

Rebecca gets to meet her scholarship student.

“The Mayan people are gentle, hardworking people who really appreciate the books, computer labs, and the outpouring of love and respect from the CoEd tours. Visiting these remote areas of Guatemala was truly a humbling, absolute life-changing experience for me. The value of education can not be overlooked for the people of Guatemala.”
—Rebecca Wilks

Stephanie takes part in the Culture of Reading Program.

“I think CoEd’s strength is that it is a sustainable program with measurable results. There is a compelling need there and the way you deliver your programs is producing results. You can definitely see the impact of your work in all of the students we met.”
—Stephanie Jepsen

Kelly learns what the Computer Center students are studying in class.

“We live in a country full of opportunities to improve one's position in life...It can be easy to assume that people who live in poverty are simply too lazy to try to better themselves. This is where the home visit to Alejandra's house really struck me.  Since the death of their father, her three girls have had to share heavy responsibility for maintaining the household. When asked what they wanted to be when they grew up, they were hesitant to respond. Once they opened up about their goals, it was obvious that they understood that education was one, if not the only, way to improve their economic situation. Going into Alejandra's home and seeing sacrifices that she makes each day to ensure that her children have more opportunities in life was an unforgettable experience.”
—Kelly Dempsey

Dave understands that one person really can make a difference.

“You can see the profound need that these children have…I have little kids the same age as the children that we’re helping, and my kids have so much opportunity compared to these children. You can make a big difference as one person coming here. You see it firsthand and you really realize what those needs are and you know what you can do. This has been a real life-changing experience and one that I’ll always cherish and really look forward to doing again sometime.”
—Dave Noll

Firmin and Connie appreciate the opportunity to act in solidarity with the Guatemalan people.

“The whole thing was a terrific experience. All of the staff worked hard to make it such, and the efforts did not go unnoticed. Because all the details were taken care of, and because we knew the staff was looking after us, we could concentrate on the activities and try to absorb as much as possible…The tour provided a small chance to act in solidarity with the peoples of Guatemala, and that is to be treasured. More impressive than the work done for the tour is the work of CoEd itself. The more we saw and learned of this, the more we are in admiration of all involved!”
—Connie & Firmin Widmer

Because all tour details are taken care of, Dick is able to enjoy the unique experience of visiting with rural Guatemalan schoolchildren.

“We have been on many tours with AAA, Elderhostels, and various Tauck tours and cruises, and you equal and surpass any of these in efficiency and professionalism.”
—Bert & Dick Tepe

Jaime and Shayne interact with students at Xalama Primary School, a school in CoEd's Culture of Reading Program.

“[The Snapshot Tour] was like nothing we have experienced before. We loved getting to see firsthand the difference that CoEd is making in Guatemala. Through learning about Guatemalan culture and history, going to the schools, watching students perform, and interacting directly with students we fell in love with Guatemala and CoEd. The Guatemalan people we met were humble, joyful, and genuinely grateful for CoEd and their supporters. We personally saw that CoEd is fulfilling their mission in Guatemala of breaking the cycle of poverty through education, and we are now their biggest fans.
—Jaime & Shayne Ephraim