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Why Support Cooperative for Education? Cooperative for Education's funding partners, Guatemalan staff members, and beneficiaries tell what sets this organization apart from all the rest.


How YOU Can Change Lives in Guatemala: Find out how CoEd's educational programs in Guatemala are changing the lives of children, families, and program graduates. There are many easy ways for you to join our efforts to break the cycle of poverty through education. Who knows? Maybe it will even change YOUR life!

Project Tours: What will inspire you to go on a CoEd Project Tour to Guatemala? See what others like you said!

Ancelma’s Story: Russ Spencer of Fox5 Atlanta features Ancelma Ortiz, a success story from CoEd's programs in Guatemala, made possible by supporters George and Michele MacMaster of Alpharetta Children's Dentistry.

Guatemalan Students Say Thank You: Guatemalan students in CoEd programs say “Thank You” for making their education dreams come true.

Fredy Tzib, a Program Graduate Success Story from Guatemala: Fredy Tzib was at risk of dropping out, until he received help from Cooperative for Education.

Guatemalan Scholarship Sponsors: Gerrit and Carolee Terpstra: Gerritt and Carolee Terpstra sponsor a scholarship student through the Cooperative for Education. Make a difference and sponsor a child today.

For less than a daily latte, a teacher changed a girl’s life forever: Hear how a CoEd scholarship changed Lesly Patzan's life.

Community Spotlight—Elias Tzoc: Guatemalan native and Dayton, OH resident Elias Tzoc returns to Guatemala on a Cooperative for Education Tour and talks about the Culture of Reading Program.

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Computer Centers Program Overview:Meet Velska, a graduate of Cooperative for Education's Computer Centers Program in Guatemala. Find out how she is using her computer skills to break the cycle of poverty in Guatemala through education and learn how you can get involved.

Community Spotlight—Ramón Rodriguez: Meet CORP school sponsor Ramón Rodriguez and learn more about his decision to become a sponsor. Join Ramón and sponsor a CORP class today!

CoEd’s Culture of Reading Program (CORP):Imagine you are seven years old and have never come in contact with a single book. This is reality for many rural Guatemalan children. Watch how CoEd’s Culture of Reading Program is transforming these students into competent, enthusiastic readers.

Meet Carol, scholarship student:Scholarship student Carol tells Cooperative for Education's supporters how much their help has meant to her. Become a scholarship sponsor today!

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Coolest Stuff on the Planet: This video podcast from takes you to Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. Along the way, they tell you about Cooperative for Education's work to break the cycle of poverty through education in Guatemala.

Xavier University MBAs Experience Guatemala with CoEd: In July 2009, five Xavier University MBA students visited the Western Highlands of Guatemala to experience firsthand the impact of education on poverty.

Snapshot Tours: Short trailer for CoEd Snapshot Tours in Guatemala happening every February, July and August.

CoEd Origins: A Cooperative for Education video flashback discussing the initial push for education in Guatemala and the textbook and computer programs that have since followed.

Computer Inaugurations: Catch a glimpse into two Computer Center inaugurations during Cooperative for Education's delivery tour to Guatemalan schools in February of 2009. The first clip highlights CoEd tour participant Roberto Sanchez's translation of a speech by the mayor of Sacapulas, the town where a CoEd Computer Center was recently installed and inaugurated. The second clip is a song performed by the children's choir of San Bernardino school during a Computer Center inauguration.

Overview: Cooperative for Education is working to break the cycle of poverty in Guatemala through education.